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Kotah Black or Black Limestone as it often called has hand cut edges and is callibrated in thickness. It has a natural riven surface and is available in a 5 size project pack which will cover 16.3m2 when using a 10mm-15mm joint.

We also split packs so that you can purchase however many square metres you require, the sizes in the mixed packs are as follows,

13 pcs 840x560

13 pcs 560x560

13 pcs 560x420

13 pcs 560x280

13 pcs 280x280

Single Sizes in Kotah Black

840x560   £9.00 including vat                                             £ 560x560   £6.00 including vat

420x560   £4.50 including vat                                             £ 280x560   £3.00 including vat

280x280   £1.50 including vat

Kotah Black Cobbles

We sell 3 sizes of  cobbles, you can purchase individually or in a full crate whichever is best for you

100x100-50mm Thick                          £0.50 each including vat

100x200-50mm Thick                          £1.00 each including vat

150x150-25mm-35mm Thick               £0.50 each including vat

Kotah Black Circle Kits.

To add an additional feature to your project, why not use a circle kit to create a focal point. Our circle kits are supplied with a squaring of kit

1m with squaring kit                             £60.00  each including vat 

2.8m with squaring kit                          £250.00 each including vat

3.6m with squaring kit                          £350.00 each including vat

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